Become a Better Web Designer

There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to growing your web design abilities due to the fact that it is ever changing, the internet is the most dynamic, fluid platform to work with, so the medium you upload needs to change at the same rate, on the same wavelength of the rest of the internet technologies, algorithms and trends. You need to keep your finger on the pulse, this gives you an advantage over other site due to being able to take advantage of upcoming trends, and reap the benefits of being the early bird and catching the worm o
f a saturated, well optimized campaign, website or design. This will then, in turn, can help you to deliver projects, whether your own or for your clients, thatgoogle-76517_960_720 really pack a punch. Having a solid arsenal of web design southport tips to use when its time to get down to work and it will definitely speed up your workflow.

Even if you’re a bit of a maverick who prefers to walk your own path rather than following the herd, keeping abreast of the latest web design tips and trends has it advantages. For one, it’ll make it easier to understand the needs and wants of your clients when discussing their vision for a project and they want to emulate something they’ve seen elsewhere.

Our first tip, that’s useful to have at your disposal is to use style guides! Style guides are very popular in the publishing world because they can come in any form, such as books or documents that media publications follow to maintain uniform styles throughout all their content. This is incredibly important as web designers that utilize freelancers can use a well written style guide to ensure the freelancers work fits uniform and inline with current content without need for modification when it comes back to you. Our next hint would be that you rea
lly need to phase out sidebars and they create clutter on your website. Over time its fair to say they’ve been hijacked by savvy marketers looking for a way to display email opt-in forms and other promotional content that really does not do a lot to improve the customers user experience and improve their visit on the website. Sidebars containing links to other useful content around the site should, in theory, improve the users experience on the site, however, in practice very few users actually see nor acknowledge them.

To make use of the old but gold tactics, you need to start your design off screen, get out your sketchpad and a nice trusty, well sharpened pencil. Do you create code and designs on the screen at a rapid rate, without a care of how things will turn out as you know you’ll edit and clean things up later on? If so, why not try a new approach in 2016. If a pen and paper doesn’t take your fancy then why not go for one of the many great wire framing and prototype web design tools out there. Use larger font sizes because big typography isn’t a new trend or aspect of design, but it’s still a great practice to follow in 2016. This is because it has the power to grab the reader’s attention and places the focus on your content. Readability on smaller screens, such as mobile devices, has played a huge role in this trend’s rising popularity, but it also fits in nicely with the ever-popular minimalist and flat design trends.

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