4 tips for getting people to come back to your blog

Anyone with a basic knowledge of SEO will recognise that having a blog is great for improving your site’s rankings. However, poorly written or plagiarised content that’s been hastily copied and pasted from a competitor’s site will see Google penalise your search ranking.

Here’s how to stop that happening and keep people coming back to your blog.

  1. Make your blog insightful

Every blog post you write should have a point that will appeal to your site’s target audience. Try offering advice or solving a common problem they may be having, whether it’s to do with kitchen decorating, sewing or web design in Preston. Long, rambling posts that don’t seem to go anywhere will make people click off your site.

  1. Check your grammar

Make sure all of your blog posts are all grammatically correct, or you won’t look like an expert in your field. Readers will return to your site if they can tell you’re passionate about your products or service, so if it’s obvious you’ve rushed, you’ll struggle to inspire brand loyalty.

  1. Create links

Create internal links to other areas of your site such as product pages and other relevant blog posts to keep readers on your site for longer. Earning links back to your site from others also provides more ways for people to access your blog.

  1. Post at the same time every week

How often you update your blog will depend on the size of your company. If you have a large, well-known business that attracts a lot of site visitors, you might update your blog everyday to meet demands. A smaller company may not have the time to produce a different post everyday, so one a week might be enough.

Regardless of how many you produce, just make sure to always post at the same time so your readers will know when to expect new content.

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