How much should it cost to repair your boiler? Don’t be left out in the cold!

Now we’re into November thousands of homes across Lancashire are thinking of switching on the heating for the first time … but what happens if your boiler breaks down?

Winter is on its way and many of us are already switching on the heating for the first time in months. But how much should you have to pay if your boiler breaks down, and you have no boiler service repair plan (tut tut!) and you’re left with a freezing home? If you’re looking for boiler repairs in Preston you’ve reached the right place. Here we can provide an average cost for boiler parts, kindly provided by APG Domestic Services in Preston.

So here’s how much you can expect to pay (on average, all costs depend on type of boiler, extent of damage etc) to replace your boiler parts.

What are the most common boiler repairs?

If you need to replace the printed circuit board that controls the boiler you would need to pay around £259.
A fan can cost £229 on average and a new gas valve will be £222.
The average gas boiler engineer will charge £211 on average for a new water pump, £198 for diverter valves, and £106 for both a pressure relief valve and new ignition system.
Your boiler’s thermostat would be £100, and an air vent only £98.
Older boilers can have a part called a thermocouple which prevents gas leaks if your pilot light goes out, and should this break down that would cost around £90.

APG Domestic Services recommend getting your boiler serviced, repaired and ready for winter now. Using the prices above you can find out whether you have been quoted honestly, and you can’t go wrong with APG’s great prices.

How can I get my boiler repaired?

Don’t do it yourself! You will need to get a Gas Safe qualified engineer in to do it – luckily APG Domestic Services have a great staff who are all fully qualified professionals ready to help.
We would also recommend that you don’t wait for your boiler to break. Get a service plan sorted now so you can be ready for any boiler related emergencies.

You can give APG Domestic Services a call on 01772 697 166 and if you are specifically looking for boiler repairs in Preston simply click the link to go to their website direct.

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